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5 Reasons You Need Professional AC Installation

You probably know that an air conditioner is essential in Australian homes to combat the sweltering heat.

You might be tempted to cut costs and install the cooling system yourself, but when it comes to air conditioner installation, professional know-how makes all the difference for efficient energy consumption and a new air conditioning system that runs smoothly.

What Happens During a Professional AC Installation?

Installing an air conditioning system like split systems is a complex procedure that requires specific skills and knowledge. Professional air conditioner installers go through a series of sequential steps to ensure that your air conditioning system is correctly installed, performs optimally, and adheres to safety standards.

Here are the steps involved in a professional air conditioner installation.

Step 1: Evaluation and Consultation

The process starts with a detailed walkthrough of your home, allowing the installer to understand your home’s layout, room sizes, insulation, and sun exposure. The technician examines the ventilation system, electrical system, and any existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units.

Based on these factors, the technician then provides recommendations on the type, size, and model of the air conditioner that best fit to your specific needs and budget.

During the evaluation, a professional installer also conducts a load calculation. This process involves a precise calculation of the cooling needs of your home by looking at factors such as the square footage of your home, insulation, the number of windows, and orientation to the sun.

Step 2: Installation Preparation

Preparation involves arranging for the necessary permits and ensuring that your home’s electrical system can handle the new air conditioning unit. Professionals also size and prep the installation site, ensuring the outdoor unit, usually the condenser, is kept away from obstructions that could interfere with airflow.

After the correct equipment is selected, the professional installation team delivers the new AC unit, whether it’s a window-type or a split system air conditioner, to your home, taking care not to damage your property.

Step 3: Air Conditioning Unit Installation

This is the most critical step in the process. It involves both indoor and outdoor units installation, according to the manufacturer’s specifications and local building codes.

For a split system air conditioning, the indoor air handler is installed in a pre-determined location inside the house – often in the attic or basement. It is securely mounted, and the refrigerant lines, condensation drain, and electrical wiring are properly connected.

The outdoor unit, the condenser, is carefully placed on a concrete slab for stability. It’s then connected to the indoor unit via refrigerant lines. Electrical connections are also made to power the unit.

Step 4: Ductwork Inspection and Modification

To ensure maximum efficiency, the professional installer inspects the ductwork for any leaks or damage that can cause a loss of cool air. If necessary, improvements or resizing are done to ensure an efficient airflow system throughout your home.

Proper air filter installation is also critical for good air quality within the home’s indoor and outdoor unit. The technician chooses the appropriate filter and installs it in the unit before it becomes operational.

Step 5: System Testing

After the installation, the technician powers the unit and tests it to ensure it is working correctly and efficiently. This involves checking the airflow, temperature, and verifying that the controls and thermostats are functioning correctly.

After ensuring that the new air conditioning system works as expected, the professional installer ensures that they clean up the work area. This involves disposing of the old unit, if necessary, and cleaning up any debris from the installation.

Step 6: Final Review and Customer Education

The technician walks through the entire system operation with the homeowner – providing knowledge on how to operate the new air conditioning system, change filters, adjust thermostats, and perform any routine maintenance the unit may need. They also discuss any warranties and services provided for future HVAC maintenance and repair.

In the hands of a professional, the process of AC installation can be done efficiently and safely. Not only do they ensure your window-type or split system air conditioners are correctly installed, but they also educate you on how to maintain the system for a prolonged lifespan, ultimately providing comfort for many years to come.

So now that you have a basic understanding of what happens during the entire process, it’s time to delve into the reasons why hiring a professional air conditioner technician is vital.

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Why Hire a Professional AC Technician?

For a start, it’s illegal to do this kind of work as a DIY project. But there are many other reasons to hire a professional technician to install an air conditioning system.

Let’s take a closer look at five reasons:

Reason 1: Expertise in Air Conditioning Systems

Professional air conditioner installers have in-depth knowledge of various systems and can recommend the best one for your home’s dimensions and layout. Whether it’s a split system, ducted air conditioning, or a single outdoor unit, they have the expertise to install your air conditioner correctly and ensure optimised performance.

A professional installer can accurately measure energy requirements and recommend the most energy-efficient unit for your specific needs, ensuring your new air conditioning system keeps your home at the desired temperature while minimising energy bills.

  • Understanding the difference between types of units: Air conditioners come in various styles and sizes, making it overwhelming for homeowners to choose the right one. An experienced air conditioner installation service will guide you through the options, ensuring you make an informed decision on the most suitable system for your home.
  • Correct sizing and energy efficiency assessment: By understanding your home’s specific needs, professional installers ensure the unit installed is correctly sized, leading to more sustainable energy consumption and efficient cooling of your house.

Reason 2: Proper Installation Techniques

Installing an air conditioning unit involves complex steps requiring expertise in electrical connections, wall mounting brackets, copper pipes, and other critical components. For example, the indoor and outdoor units must be connected via copper pipes for seamless refrigerant flow.

An experienced air conditioner installer is well-versed in these procedures, ensuring a leak-free connection and efficient performance of your cooling system.

  • Adherence to local regulations: Different regions have specific regulations and codes of practise governing AC installation. Professionals are familiar with these guidelines, ensuring your air conditioning installation is compliant with local requirements. This attention to detail can prevent fines or complications down the track.
  • Quality assurance for installation: Professionals not only install but also test the unit after installation to ensure it is working correctly, providing reassurance for homeowners about the safety and functionality of their new air conditioning units.

Reason 3: Enhanced Safety

An air conditioning installation involves handling high-voltage electricity, which can be hazardous without proper training. A professional service prioritises safety, reducing the risk of electrical shocks, fires, or system malfunctions.

Skilled technicians also ensure proper installation of wall mounting brackets, minimising the risk of injury from falling equipment.

  • Use of proper equipment: A professional installation service uses specialised tools and equipment for various tasks, such as properly aligning wall mounting brackets and crimping copper pipes, ensuring safety and efficiency in the installation process.
  • Avoidance of potential hazards: With a professional air conditioner installation, you can ensure potential hazards like gas leaks or electrical faults that could cause severe problems in the future are avoided, thus further enhancing the safety of your home.

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Reason 4: Improved Air Quality and Efficiency

The air quality in your home is closely linked to proper air conditioner installation. An experienced technician will ensure your ductwork is sealed correctly, preventing air leakage and maintaining a consistent flow of cool air.

Furthermore, professionals can advise on proper air filter maintenance and replacement, enhancing the longevity and efficiency of your cooling system.

  • Properly sized units for maximum efficiency: A well-installed and adequately sized air conditioning unit will cool your home more efficiently, reducing energy consumption and saving money on energy bills. Professional installers consider factors such as room size, insulation, and sun exposure to recommend the most suitable unit for your space, ensuring maximum cooling efficiency.
  • Enhanced indoor air quality: Besides comfort, a properly installed air conditioner can significantly improve your home’s air quality, filtering out pollen, dust, and other allergens.

Reason 5: Prolonged Lifespan and Warranty Protection

Skilled technicians ensure the ideal placement for your unit, minimising strain on its components and prolonging its life. Furthermore, professional installation services often provide warranties, giving you peace of mind and protection against unexpected issues down the line.

  • Expertise in troubleshooting post-installation issues: Professional installers offer services that go beyond the installation process, including troubleshooting and maintenance support. Their experience with multiple systems enables them to identify potential issues and provide solutions to keep your cooling system running smoothly.
  • Warranty and after-sales support: With an air conditioner installation service, you often receive a warranty for your air conditioner and access to after-sales service if any issues arise, ensuring the longevity and reliable performance of your unit.

Hire an Air Conditioner Professional Now

While it may be tempting to consider a DIY approach to installing your air conditioner, it may not be the most sensible decision.

Considering factors like the complexity of the installation process, safety measures, regulatory compliance, air conditioner cost, quality enhancement, and potential cost savings down the line, it becomes rather apparent that availing of an air conditioning installation service is a worthwhile investment for your air conditioner system.

Enjoy the convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind that come with professional installation, and let your home be a cool haven in the middle of the Australian summer. The value of hiring an expert in air conditioning far outweighs the initial cost, proving an overall smart and beneficial decision.

Keep cool and carry on!

For more information, contact the heating and cooling specialists at Metropolitan Air Conditioning. We’re on call 24/7, every day of the year.

Please note: This information is provided for advice purposes only. Regulations differ from state to state, so please consult your local authorities or an industry professional before proceeding with any work. See our Terms & Conditions here.

Published: 2023-12-14

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