How to Best Use Your Split System this Winter

How to Best Use Your Split System this Winter
6 Jul, 2020

Let’s face it, there isn’t really much time between the last summer heatwave and the first winter cold snap. And your split system knows it.

That’s why it’s always important to get the most out of a reverse cycle air con as you can. You want efficiency, and in winter you want warmth.

To achieve that there are five simple tips that will help you make the best use of your split system this winter.

Keep the Filters Clean

As basic care, the least you can do is clean the split system’s filters. Clean filters = clean air and lower energy output.

Filters are meant to provide clean, fresh air, filtering out dust and debris in the air. But when they become blocked their ability to provide high quality air decreases. Anyone with asthma, allergies or respiratory illness will know the importance of good air quality.

Add to this the fact that heaters typically provide dry, warm air, and the last thing you want is for it to be clogged with recycled dust or animal fur.

Blocked filters also force a split system to work harder than it should. And remember, more work equals more energy used – and energy wasted.

By cleaning out your air conditioner’s filters on a regular basis – at least every three or four months – you’ll save money and always have fresh, clean air.

Be Smart with the Thermostat

First up, remember to change the settings from cool to heat! It’s a silly reminder, but plenty of people have forgotten to do that when the weather cools down.

Now here’s the tough part for some. Don’t turn the home into a sauna. It does sound nice to crank the thermostat up to 25°C. Except that won’t achieve anything, other than higher electricity bills.

In reality, the perfect temperature for heating is between 17-20°C. That may not sound like a lot, but when it’s 10-15°C warmer than outside, we promise you’ll feel it.

Besides, you can always meet your split system in the middle. Throw on a jumper instead of working it too hard, just so you can stick to shorts and a t-shirt.

Close the Door!

It’s simple and cost effective. Close the door! You will stop cold air from seeping into spaces you’re trying to heat. By shrinking or isolating the area you’re warming with a split system, you’re not wasting energy and heat. And you’re not trying to constantly battle incoming cold air.

Keep any windows closed and block any draughts from under the doors as well. If you have a ducted split system you can also shut the vents in unused rooms, as extra protection for loss of warm air.

However, when the temperature does pick up, use it to your advantage. Open the blinds on and windows facing direct sunlight to let the warmth in. You could even open windows for a small amount of time just so fresh air comes in.

Book a Split System Service

While you can clean filters yourself there are some jobs you just can’t do on your own. This is where you will need a technician. From cleaning coils and vents to an aircon regas, a Metropolitan Air Conditioning technician will know what to look out for.

It’s recommended you organise a split system service once a year, ahead of peak times in winter or summer. That way you know it will be running smoothly before everyone rushes for repairs and you are left waiting when something goes wrong.

Upgrade Your Split System

Cleaning and maintenance can only do so much when it comes to an older reverse cycle air con. Eventually, they hit a point where repairs are not worth it and the best option is to organise a new split system installation.

The good thing is that shouldn’t have to be too often. You should expect to get at least 10 years out of your air con, and in fact closer to 20 for the top of the range brands and models.

But if your split system has two decades of work under its belt, or you have purchased a home with outdated air conditioning, make the switch. Compared to models from even 10 years ago, energy efficiency has increased by about 30 per cent.

If you’re unsure about what to do, contact the team at Metropolitan Air Conditioning. Our customer service team can book in a visit from a technician, who can assess your individual needs.

We supply split system air conditioners from leading brands such as Mitsubishi or Kaden, or can install a new model if supplied by the customer.

Let Metropolitan Air Conditioning help heat your home this winter!