Need some Easter Air Conditioning?

Need some Easter Air Conditioning?
30 Mar, 2020

Everything used to be shut over Easter.  Back in the day shops were closed for the whole long weekend.  Things have changed a bit, but the idea of a big shutdown makes people doubt that air conditioning technicians are available.  Well, that’s not how it is at Metropolitan Air Conditioning. We are open all of the Easter long weekend, 24 hours a day.  So if your air conditioning breaks down during the break, Metropolitan can come to your aid. It’s worth doing over the holiday because we offer our services for no extra charges after hours.  What you pay is no different to what you would on any ordinary weekday.

Easter is the Best Time

Easter is the best time for getting your air conditioning seen to.  You should take advantage of Metropolitan’s availability and affordability and get that air conditioner installation or upgrade you’ve been thinking of finally done.

Easter is also the best time to get in before the crowd and get things ready for winter.  Even if you only use your air conditioner for cooling, this quiet time is perfect for a clean and a service so that as soon as the temperature climbs again, you can confidently switch on the cooling knowing that everything is in order.

As for evaporative air conditioners, Easter is pretty much your last chance to turn your machine off and get it cleaned and covered for the winter ahead.  It’s so much better than trying to find a technician to sort out any trouble during the first hot spell later in the year.

Gas Heating Too

You might be surprised to find that among our Metropolitan technicians are fully qualified gas fitters who service and install gas heaters of any size and type.  The Easter long weekend is a great time to have your gas heater tended to.  And with the weather only set to become colder, it’s an obvious time to install a new heater.  As part of any gas heating work that we do, we also do a carbon monoxide test to eliminate any danger.

No Extra Charges After Hours

All of this is made feasible with no extra charges for after hours.  The Easter break really is the time you can get around getting ready for the long winter.  And you can relax even more because a bill with no extra charges can be paid off in weekly or fortnightly instalments with our no deposit interest free payment plans**.

So have a happy Easter and enjoy your time off knowing that Metropolitan Air conditioning is only a phone call away.