David Ellingsen Talks Air Conditioning During COVID-19

David Ellingsen Talks Air Conditioning During COVID-19
13 Aug, 2020

Metropolitan Plumbing, Electrical and Air Con owner David Ellingsen has revealed how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected his nationwide air conditioning company.

As heating and cooling is an essential service, the company has largely remained unaffected.

However, we are taking the health and safety of all staff and customers very seriously.

To minimise risk, you can expect call centre staff to ask COVID-19 health questions.

Once on-site, technicians won’t be shaking hands and will be practicing social distancing at all times.

Furthermore, staff and technicians are:

  • Staying home if unwell
  • Sanitising their work area and all equipment
  • Wearing gloves and face masks where necessary
  • Regularly sanitising their hands
  • Sanitising the workspace at the beginning and end of a job
  • Minimising contact with other staff
  • Practicing respiratory etiquette, e.g: covering coughs and sneezes correctly
  • And more

Ellingsen told Neil Breen on Brisbane’s 4BC Breakfast program that Metropolitan Plumbing, Electrical and Air Con will continue to monitor the situation in Australia and respond appropriately.

”We tell our technicians to treat everyone and every household as though they’ve got the COVID-19 virus present,” Ellingsen told 4BC Breakfast with Neil Breen.

”We give them masks, face shields, disposable gloves, sanitizer and a spray to clean the area that they are working in.

”Every phone call we take, we ask everyone whether they are awaiting tests or if they have the virus itself.

”You would think dealing with air conditioning that we’re vulnerable, but we’ve been very lucky and not one of our technicians has caught anything.”

If you’re unsure whether your air conditioning problem is an emergency, you are welcome to contact our friendly team and we will help however we can.

We understand how trying these times are and will be here for you when you have an air conditioning emergency during COVID-19.

When you need us in the coming weeks, contact us and our team will be here for you and your air conditioning repair.

Ellingsen also said that Metropolitan Air Conditioning was operating as usual, although he did admit that business had not been normal.

”The days are all over the place, but we’ve been very fortunate, we haven’t had to lay anyone off or send anyone for leave,” he said.

”We are more emergency orientated, so we don’t know how the days are going to pan out but with the air conditioning side, we get a lot of heater repairs and ducted air con replacements.

”And of course, we often try to get there within the hour.”

Metropolitan Plumbing, Electrical and Air Con understands how trying these times are and will be available for all emergency air conditioning issues during COVID-19.

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