5 Hot Tips to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer

5 Hot Tips to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer
18 Nov, 2020

As the first rays of summer sunshine poke through springtime clouds we all embrace the warmth, sunny glow. Then slowly, but surely, the warm days overtake the cold ones and suddenly it’s steaming hot!

Summer sneaks up on us all and we’re faced with a major milestone: turning on the air conditioner for the first time in months.

That cool, crisp refreshing air is like a shot of adrenaline. From feeling sluggish, there’s an ahhh moment of goodness.

But before you get to it, we have a few handy tips so your air con will actually be ready for those first few days over 30°C.

Trust us, you don’t want to be let down by broken air conditioning when you need it most. Beat the sizzling heat and help keep your family cool, with our 5 hot tips to prepare your air conditioner for summer!

1. Clean Your Air Filters

Have you ever wondered why your air conditioner is churning our warm air in summer? Is there a funky smell that always wafts through the home? It could be because of dirty air filters.

Efficiency decreases when filters become clogged with dirt, dust, fibres, pollen, fur – or whatever else. The air flow can also be impacted while mould or dank odours often build up if left unattended for too long.

One of the simplest solutions is a regular clean and filter maintenance. For example, on a split system just remove the filter, use a soft brush to clear off any dust, rinse it with warm water and let dry. Then you place it back in the unit and everything is good to go.

And just remember, if you have pets or are more sensitive to allergens, you’ll want to clean the filter more often. That way you can make sure your air conditioner is pumping out fresh air and is running efficiently. It has to work harder with a blocked filter which equates to higher energy bills.

Meanwhile, if the air filter is damaged you can see the problem firsthand so you can organise for a timely solution.

2. Look After the Air Ducts

Duct cleaning has a dual purpose. At the very least it removes any dust or debris from inside and helps maintain a cool flow of air.

Much like the necessary steps for keeping filters clean, healthy ducts are good for you. Asthma sufferers or anyone with a higher sensitivity to allergens will really feel the difference when there is clean, quality fresh air flowing through the home.

Many people forget about their ducts. And really, we understand. It’s not always a DIY job where you can easily climb, dust off some vents and then reach down with a broom. It can require a professional touch and expert cleaning to keep your air clean and the AC unit working at 100 per cent.

3. Inspect and Clean the Outdoor Unit

Once the filters have been cleaned, take a look at the outdoor condenser unit. Sometimes they are roof mounted, or you’ll find it tucked away along a side wall.

Dust, rubbish and garden matter can all build up around the condenser and you don’t want this to impact the efficiency of functionality. Without proper venting, the temperature could also get too high and may cause some nasty problems. We recommend you grab a broom and clean up at least every few months, or after any bad weather!

Sometimes animals can also make a cosy home in and around the condenser unit. And while it may seem cute and homely, sadly it doesn’t always end well. The last thing you want is a lizard or rat to make a big, smelly mess.

And while you’re outside, you can also make sure all the electrical setup looks good, and there are no noticeable issues with the power supply or motor.

4. Test the Air Con’s Performance

If everything is neat and tidy, you can give the air conditioner unit a test run! This is the right way for you to check that everything is working just fine, including the thermostat, air filter, vents and pipework.

As you run the air con, ask yourself:

  • Is cool air coming out of the vents?
  • Are there any strange sounds, such as banging in the vents or abnormal motor/condenser noises?
  • Can you notice any leaking or hissing pipes?
  • Are there bad smells?
  • Does the fan create a strong breeze?
  • Are the appropriate functions all working?

If you answer no to any of the above, it may be the right time to call in a professional. While you can clean or replace parts yourself, a thorough investigation requires expertise. Air conditioners are tricky beasts so you want to make sure the best of the best take a look at it.

And this leads us to…

5. Book an Air Conditioning Service

When everything’s said and done, the best thing you can do to prepare your air conditioning for summer is to book a service! It’s a thorough way to keep it clean, and important parts can be replaced.

Your local heating and cooling technician can check that all the parts are working as they should, and get into the hard to reach places. That’s especially helpful if you have ducted central air conditioning or evaporative cooling and there are parts on the roof!

And don’t forget, the team at Metropolitan Air Conditioning can take care of duct cleaning, filter cleaning and replacement, plus all troubleshooting or fault finding. So if you do want to sit back and relax as an experienced tech gets your air conditioning ready for Summer, you can.

Just contact Metropolitan Air Conditioning now and we can ensure your home’s cooling is ready to battle the heat.